Service Note: HP p4014, p4015 & p4515

When printing envelopes, toner does not always fuse correctly which results in either smearing or the toner flaking off the envelopes.

When printing from trays 2, 3 or 4 the control panel reads “processing”. However, the printer does not pick up the paper or complete the job. The display will return to a “ready” status. No error is displayed or generated in the event log.

When the printer displays “perform printer maintenance”, the option to reset the error is not available.

Solution: To resolve these issues you will need to upgrade your firmware to the level of 4.060.7 or higher.

Firmware / Performance Upgrade:

US Laser, Inc. offers a replacement formatter that has the latest firmware. Replacing the formatter will resolve the above issues and upgrade your p4014 or p4015 to a 4515 printer capable of printing at 62 pages per minute!

HP p4014, p4015 and p4515 Formatter Replacement Instructions:

This is a plug and play upgrade that will resolve the above issues and can increase your printers speed.

  1. Remove the formatter cage
  2. Move any memory modules over to the new formatter
  3. Install the new formatter

Our printer repair technicians can walk you through this process if you purchase the formatter from US Laser, Inc. Call 888-875-1737 for help with installing your new formatter.

Important differences between the HP p4014, p4015 and p4515:

  • HP p4014 printer does not support the use of the high yield toner cartridge. The high yield toner will not fit into the p4014 .
  • The p4015 / p4515 models have a numerical keypad.
  • Print speed: the P4014, is rated at 45 pages per minute. The P4015 at 52 pages per minute and the P4515 at 62 pages per minute.