Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX

Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX

Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX: We are Waco’s Lexmark printer repair service company! We specialize in fast onsite Lexmark printer service for businesses in Waco and the surrounding areas. Our certified Lexmark printer repair techs are experts at troubleshooting and repairing paper jams, image defects and all other Lexmark printer problems. We keep it simple; repair Lexmark printers fast, repair Lexmark printers correctly and repair Lexmark printers at a fair price.

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Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX
Waco, TX, 76701
Hours: 8AM – 5PM – Monday – Friday

Fix it fast. Fix it correctly. Save money.

Follow these three simple steps for Lexmark Laser printer repairs.
First, determine if a repair or replacement is the best option. Next, make sure the problem isn’t something simple that you can fix yourself. Finally, call and talk with a Lexmark printer repair expert.

Step 1

Printer Repair vs. Printer Replacement

Need help deciding whether to repair or replace your Lexmark laser printer? As a general rule, if your printer is older than seven years or cost less than $150, you should consider replacement options. We'd love to discuss repair or replacement options with you. Call 512-379-7445 to discuss a particular printer and problem.

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Step 2

Do It Yourself Lexmark Printer Repair

In recent years, we have seen an uptick in Lexmark printer service request for printers with poor print quality. The rise in service request is due to low-quality aftermarket toner cartridges. If you are using aftermarket toner, it may be causing your printer problem. We recommend changing your toner before requesting service.

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Step 3

Schedule a Lexmark Printer Repair

Is it time for professional Lexmark printer repair service? Our certified Lexmark printer repair service technicians are here to help! We'll answer your questions, provide an estimate and schedule service. Call today for the best Lexmark printer repair service in Waco, TX! Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX: 512-379-7445.

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Our Clients

We are proud to be the printer repair service provider to the following companies.

US Laser proudly provides Lexmark printer repair services in Waco and the surrounding areas, including China Spring, Waco, Crawford, Woodway, Laguna Park, Valley Mills, Ross, Aquilla, Clifton, West, Elm Mott, Mc Gregor, Hewitt, Whitney,Leroy and beyond.


Looking for Lexmark printer repair service near Waco, TX and have questions? Here are some FAQs others had about our Lexmark printer repair services in Waco, TX. If you don’t find what you are looking for, we’d love to talk to you! Call to speak with a Waco-based Lexmark printer support specialist: 512-379-7445

What is the response time for printer repairs in Waco, TX?

Our response time for Lexmark printer repairs in Waco, TX is 4-hours. In some cases, we may be able to provide quicker service. Please call 512-379-7445 for current response times.

Will the technician have the parts required to fix my printer?

We stock most printer repair parts in Waco, TX. Our printer repair techs carry fuser assemblies, feed rollers, maintenance kits and other commonly required parts.

How can I check on the status of my Lexmark printer repair?

The easiest way to check the status of your Lexmark printer repair is to call your local service representative. To check on a Lexmark printer repair in Waco and the surrounding areas, please call 512-379-7445.

Do you offer printer service agreements?

Yes. We have many customizable service options that are designed to help our clients save money and maintain their Lexmark Laser printers. For available Lexmark service options in Waco, TX, please call 512-379-7445.

What is the cost of Lexmark printer repair service in Waco, TX?

We are unable to provide Lexmark printer repair prices without knowing the printer model and problem. Please call 512-379-7445 for a free printer repair estimate.

Where can I download the latest Lexmark printer software and drivers?

Lexmark printer software and print drivers are available here.

What are the hours of operation in Waco, TX?

Lexmark printer repair service in Waco, TX is available 8AM – 5PM – Monday – Friday.

Lexmark Printer Repair Waco, TX – We Repair the Following Lexmark Laser Printers +more

Black and White Laser Printers
Lexmark MS312dn, Lexmark MS315dn, Lexmark MS410dn, Lexmark MS415dn, Lexmark MS510dn, Lexmark MS610de, Lexmark MS610dn, Lexmark MS610dte, Lexmark MS610dtn, Lexmark MS710dn, Lexmark MS711dn, Lexmark MS810de, Lexmark MS810dn, Lexmark MS810dtn, Lexmark MS810n, Lexmark MS811dn, Lexmark MS811dtn, Lexmark MS811n, Lexmark MS812de, Lexmark MS812dn, Lexmark MS812dtn, Lexmark MS911de

Color Laser Printers
Lexmark CS310dn, Lexmark CS310n, Lexmark CS410dn, Lexmark CS410dtn, Lexmark CS410n, Lexmark CS510de, Lexmark CS510dte, Lexmark C746dn, Lexmark C746dtn, Lexmark C746n, Lexmark C748de, Lexmark C748dte, Lexmark C748e, Lexmark C792de, Lexmark C792dhe, Lexmark C792dte, Lexmark C792e, Lexmark C925de, Lexmark C925dte, Lexmark C950de

Black and White MFPs
Lexmark MX310dn, Lexmark MX410de, Lexmark MX510de, Lexmark MX511de, Lexmark MX511dhe, Lexmark MX511dte, Lexmark MX610de, Lexmark MX611de, Lexmark MX611dfe, Lexmark MX611dhe, Lexmark MX611dte, Lexmark MX710de, Lexmark MX710dhe, Lexmark MX711de, Lexmark MX711dhe, Lexmark MX711dthe, Lexmark MX810de, Lexmark MX810dfe, Lexmark MX810dme, Lexmark MX810dpe, Lexmark MX810dte, Lexmark MX810dtfe, Lexmark MX810dtme, Lexmark MX810dtpe, Lexmark MX810dxe, Lexmark MX810dxfe, Lexmark MX810dxme, Lexmark MX810dxpe, Lexmark MX811de, Lexmark MX811dfe, Lexmark MX811dme, Lexmark MX811dpe, Lexmark MX811dte, Lexmark MX811dtfe, Lexmark MX811dtme, Lexmark MX811dtpe, Lexmark MX811dxe, Lexmark MX811dxfe, Lexmark MX811dxme, Lexmark MX811dxpe, Lexmark MX812de, Lexmark MX812dfe, Lexmark MX812dme, Lexmark MX812dpe, Lexmark MX812dte, Lexmark MX812dtfe, Lexmark MX812dtme, Lexmark MX812dtpe, Lexmark MX812dxe, Lexmark MX812dxfe, Lexmark MX812dxme, Lexmark MX812dxpe, Lexmark MX910de, Lexmark MX911dte, Lexmark MX912dxe

Color MFPs
Lexmark CX310dn, Lexmark CX310n, Lexmark CX410de, Lexmark CX410dte, Lexmark CX410e, Lexmark CX510de, Lexmark CX510dhe, Lexmark CX510dthe, Lexmark X746de, Lexmark X748de, Lexmark X748dte, Lexmark X792de, Lexmark X792dte, Lexmark X792dtfe, Lexmark X792dtme, Lexmark X792dtpe, Lexmark X792dtse, Lexmark X925de, Lexmark X950de, Lexmark X952dte, Lexmark X954dhe